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Cable Tour Maleku – Croku YÚ-La Casa del Croku

On arrival to the ranch of the Croku clan, one of the elders will welcome you in his own language while offering typical refreshments of the Maleku culture. He will talk about his territory, Cosmo vision, and traditions.

Before entering the forest, the elder will turn over the “kita” which symbolizes the hierarchy and wisdom to one of the members of the group to carry during the journey. You will observe the variety of medicinal plants and its uses in the culture such as the Juan lama and the Hombre Grande; trees for timber, some of which are almost extinct such as Cedar. Laurel, Cocobolo and Ojoche.

Be prepared to demonstrate your abilities with the bow and arrow, an ancestral practice used for the hunting of animals.

The Croku have a program for environmental reforestation. Together with them you can plant a tree and in this way collaborate with the protection and conservation of species in danger of extinction.

Enjoy a delicious lunch, known as Mafurisejeca, a dish made of fish covered by anise leaves accompanied by organic tubers of the zone such as yuca, ñame or tiquizque. It is a unique cultural experience you won’t want to miss!

The elder of the clan, accompanied by children and adolescents will have a theatrical performance to demonstrate the history of the Maleku in their own language where they will narrate what they have lived, suffered and continue to live.

Later participate in target shooting where the best will be rewarded. This activity ends with the delivery of the kita to the elder and the exchange of life experiences.

Duration: minimum of 4 hours.

Includes: entrance to the reserve, refreshments, lunch, local maleku guide, activities according to description.