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Route of the Adventurous Alas y Raíces del Colorado-Barra del Colorado, Caribe Norte

Our adventure begins while waiting for our clients in San José. We begin our journey on Route 32 in the direction of the Linda Vista community in charge of and the founders for the Project Alas y Raíces Del Colorado. They will help us with this adventure in the Wildlife Refuge Barra del Colorado.

Once we arrive we can enjoy a delicious breakfast at Doña Ana’s La Gamba Diner. She is one of the founders of this town and will relate some of her life experiences on arriving at such a beautiful community. The food she prepares comes from her farm, cooked on the open fire for a traditional taste.

After breakfast we will visit the farm La Luisa where we will find members of ASOLIVI who will give a talk on the “trampa” cameras we have in the zone. The owner of the farm will also talk about the project.

We will begin the hike on a trail that we will first find the pepper cultivation. Here we will learn about the process and how Doña Luisa harvests the crop.

We will continue the trail in the mountain where we can find different species of fruit trees and medicinal plants. If we are lucky we can observe birds, green and red frogs, and perhaps find footprints of mammals from the zone. On the trail we will cross small streams and rocky zones that form part of the adventure of the hike.

We have a rest area called “El Mirador” where on a clear day we can see the Tortuguero channel, the plains and part of the landscape of the zone.

On our return we will enjoy a home cooked meal.

Our adventure continues taking the route towards Puerto Lindo where boats await to take us to Lagunas Caguey and Garza for a duration of two hours approximately. This trip ends with a small snack at the diner La Gamba, where a delicious coffee and sandwich is prepared.

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– Transport from San José, round trip

– Breakfast

– Hike on the farm La Luisa

– Lunch

– Boat trip to the lagoon

– Refreshments

– Local guide